Summer on The Homestead: In Pictures

Home Sweet Home

Roberto cutting fresh hay for the goats

Bringing hay to the goats

Kisses from Astrid

Astrid says, “Thanks, Dad for the vittles!”

Sheepies, Mommas and Lambs, grazing

Visitors. Or maybe they want to become farm animals too?

New chicks! (Any guesses what the one in the front is? She is a mystery rare breed that was sent to us from the hatchery as an extra. Her name is Hedwig).

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3 Responses to Summer on The Homestead: In Pictures

  1. mossy stone says:

    I love that photo of Astrid!
    So a question (or several)- do you guys cut fresh hay for the goats everyday? Do you cut and dry any for the winter? If so how do you store it? How long does it take?

    • admin says:

      We cut fresh hay for the goats everyday but we don’t cut and dry it for the winter. We definitely don’t have enough land for that. So we buy organic second cut hay from a local farm! :) Astrid is so photogenic!

  2. bruce blystone says:

    the blacksheep says NICE PICTURE

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