The first lamb ever to born at Thistlemoon Meadows was born today! We came out in the morning to do chores and there she was. I was in the garage getting together the morning treats for the sheep and goats (a mixture of kelp, minerals and a bit of oat bran) when Roberto yelled “we have a lamb!”. I went running and there she was! When we arrived on the scene her mamma, Inga was still licking her dry, so she must have been born recently.

We had the first big thunder storm of the season. Whenever it thunders, Roberto and I always say, “Uncle Thor is coming to town” and so in honor of the Norse god of Thunder, we named the lamb Thorina – which will probably become Thora when she gets older.

Both mamma and baby are doing well. Thorina has spent her first few hours of life sleeping and walking around and getting used to this crazy world – which to her ears is full of booms and bangs. She is still trying to figure out this whole nursing thing, but she is peeing a lot so she can’t be dehydrated. But we will have to keep an eye on mom and baby and hope that they can figure it out together!

Our goats Astrid and Claire seem to be going a bit crazy though. They have been yelling all morning! Probably jealous, those two can be such drama queens….

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7 Responses to Thorina

  1. Soli says:

    Hail Thorina!

  2. Kristina says:

    Congratulations! She’s adorable!

  3. Jenny says:

    Congrats to all! FYI – after lambing, gently fondle your ewe’s teat and ‘squirt’ a little milk (colostrum) out… often there’s a bit of a waxy plug… then help and direct the lamb to mama’s teat, sometimes placing the teat in the lamb’s mouth. Eventually they get the idea! I’ve had lamb’s up & nursing before mama’s done lambing!!!

    Fun fun fun!

  4. Elle says:

    Oh! She’s the cutest thing ever! Congratulations. Such a soft little baby.

  5. Arlene (Mom) says:

    She is so precious. What a happy day!

  6. Tony says:

    Hi Jenn

    I was just thinking about you today and decided to cehck out your blogs – love the story and pics of the Thorina, congrats on the new edition.

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