Happy Halloween with Needle Felting!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my readers out there!

As the seasons change, attention is brought inward, and towards the home. Days of sunshine and hours outside working in the garden, or doing outdoor chores, repairs and projects are behind us, as we move into more quiet times inside.

One activity that I have taken up in the past few weeks is needle felting! Now that we have a supply of beautiful Shetland wool, from our girls, Inga and Iona, I figured it was time to start coming up with ways to use them. I have never really done any handiwork crafts before, so I thought starting with something fun and flexible, that doesn’t require many tools, would be perfect!

The pumpkin is my second piece, and here is my first, an Autumn scene, based loosely on my favorite tree on our land!

Felting is so much fun, and I look forward to many nights by the woodstove making all kinds of felting creations! I may give knitting a try as well!

What kinds of handiwork projects keep you busy during the winter months?

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