Homemade Fire Starters

This is a super easy homesteading project that I have been planning to do for quite some time. I made them a long time ago, as a kid, when I was a girl scout! :) But I got a reminder  the other day from The Homestead Revival Blog.

People are always giving us leftover cardboard egg cartons. We use them for eggs, but I had some extra, which were perfect for this project. All you need:

1) Cardboard Egg Cartons

2) Clothes Dryer Lint

3) Candle Wax from Old Candles  – I used mostly beeswax, but also whatever else was lying around.

I have an old pot that I don’t use for cooking, that I used to melt the wax. I made sure to remove any metal parts on the candles. I put them in the pot and set the temperature on low. If you don’t have a pot you don’t cook in, you can use a glass or metal bowl and make a double boiler to melt the wax that way.

While the wax was melting I started stuffing the egg cartons with dryer lint. You can stuff a lot of lint into one hole, so stuff as much as you can in there. Once you are finished,  and the wax is melted pout wax over top of the lint. Using a ladle makes it easier! You might want to put your egg cartons on newspaper, as some of the hot wax might seep out the bottom.

Once they are dry, they are ready to use! As a friend suggested, this would make a great homemade holiday gift for people in colder climates that have wood stoves or fireplaces!

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One Response to Homemade Fire Starters

  1. Roberto says:

    These work extremely well. I am in charge of the wood stove and this morning, I used two to help start the fire and it made it a breeze!

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